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A tormented beauty, an interrupted woman and a suppressed composer, her pure talent made her rise out of decades of life traumas and become an aetur in Turkish Music.


Neveser was born to an Ottoman family in 1900. She is well bred and she has high hopes for the future. She gets married at the age of sixteen. When pregnant with her son, Adnan, her husband dies at Çanakkale during First World War. She gets hit by a facial paralysis and locks herself in for years.


Later, she joins her elder half-brother, Muhlis Sabahattin, ‘King of Operettas’ to tour around Turkey. Staying in the shadow for a lifetime, she keeps her music to herself. But she never gives up pursuing her own voice blending Eastern and Western genres of her time in a unique way much different to her brother.


Her sole fight with insignia of Turkish Music wins her a solo program in Istanbul Radio to broadcast her songs and to accompany them with piano, an alien instrument to this school. Shortly she develops her own audience and gets very popular during 50s. However, she lives a very modest life until her death in 1962.


Neveser will be a musical melodrama as a tribute to this exceptional talent, Neveser Kökdeş.

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